Client Testimonials


“I just had Skip in to do another training session with my Management Team which consists of 52 individuals in a variety of leadership positions. The session was simply FANTASTIC!!! I have only heard raving reviews. Several members of the team are long-term employees – they have 20 to 25 years with the company – and they said, it was by far the best training we have provided them yet! Thanks Skip!”

Theresa Shave – Executive Director
Living Alternatives for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. – Battle Creek, Michigan
(LADD has grown their revenues over 400+% growth while working with Skip)


“In just the first 3 months of the Business Coaching Program, it has been a wonderful help for me while growing my small business. I’ve most appreciated how Skip both works with the boots on the ground, project level — What work am I actually committing to get done? — And the higher strategic and emotional level — Why am I running this business? What kind of life do I desire? What kind of impact do I desire to have in the world?…

Working with Skip is great because he has a vested interest in my business, as well as me as a person, and my life. He really cares. He is creative, driven, generous, and kind. He does what he says he will do and keeps his word. I highly recommend Skip Lackey and the Accelerator for a business owner who desires greater effectiveness in business development and greater harmony between work life and personal psychology and emotion.”

Ross Meyer – Founder
Move Well Personal Re-Training, Boulder CO 
(in just 3 months his schedule for private clients was full & had a waiting list)


What Skip brought to me and my Interior Design company was the ability to shine fresh light on my short and long term plans.  He asked questions that made me look at things differently because I had been so close to the same questions for so long.  Shifting focus slightly and making subtle changes rather than the large sweeping ones was my – Aha Moment! It’s amazing to me how easy it was to make the needed changes and have it turn into more profitability once working with Skip.

Laura Hodgson – Owner
Haven Interiors, Boulder CO
(after just 3 months of coaching – She had 100% growth in Q1 of this year VS. Q1 of last year)



I’ve been around a lot of people teaching leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills over the years and it’s rare to find someone that has the depth of knowledge, passion and pure understanding on a subject matter… there are very few people that are even in the same league as Skip Lackey.  I can take this back and apply all of this to my personal and professional life and also the work that I do with other people have been enhanced by what I have learned. I encourage anyone thinking about working with Skip… come and learn from the master!

Jeff Perlis
Real Estate Agent and Developer
Big Bear Lake, CA


“Skip has made a remarkable impact on and in my life, and I will always be VERY grateful for everything that he’s taught me and brought out in me.”

Kiran Asher
Entrepreneur/Business Owner
Seattle, WA


Skip is one of those anomalies that everything he touches turns to gold. He just has this way about him to be the guy you want on your team, no matter what the team is about. He cares about each individual that crosses his path and seems to have a time warp to fit it all in. Support, empowerment, creation. If that’s what you want, he’s your guy!

Julie Strong
Life Coaches International
Boulder CO