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A Business Accelerator for Home Service Providers

“It’s TIME for you to create your future and build a business that will be more than just a J.O.B.. Time to design a company that has team members committed to executing the plan of 5-star service and systems – that dominates in your local area!”

Skip Lackey – Founder, 5-Star By Design
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  • Do you still enjoy owning your business? Or has it lost its luster and begun dragging you down instead?
  • Do you still enjoy owning your business? Or has it lost its luster and begun dragging you down instead?
  • Are you working 60 to 80 hours a week (or more) and find yourself saying, “Vacation… what’s that?”
  • Do you have a four to six month emergency cash fund, or would your business close up shop if you got hit by a bus tomorrow?
  • Are you struggling to keep good, hardworking, and committed people on your team while constantly training new hires?
  • Do you spend a fortune on sales and marketing with little to no results?
  • Are you feeling lost around how to generate more clients and completely lack a “lead generation, conversion, and reactivation” system?
  • Do you spend more time every day working IN your business instead of ON it?
  • Are you flailing through every job rather than working with repeatable, proven systems and procedures that guarantee results?
  • Does your accounts receivable balance show “owed” money at 60, 90, or 120+ days out?
  • Do you know if you’re leaving money on the table?
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How would it feel to have a 5-star reputation with sustained growth and consistent profits? To know you’ve laid the foundation necessary for creating a strong team with a culture that attracts more work than you know what to do with? How would it feel to have a minimum of six months expenses in the bank, allowing for positive cash flow and a lifestyle business?

You might be wondering,
“what’s a lifestyle business?”

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A LIFESTYLE business is one where you know you’re on top of all the things I mentioned above, yet you don’t have to be on the jobsite 24/7 the way most other business owners do. It allows you to take the time off you need, have more quality experiences with your family, and to weather any financial storms or bumps in the road. You’re able to know that no matter what you and your team will keep growing!

Lifestyle businesses become possible when you know how to implement the right pillars for sustainable business growth… which leads to more money, more time, more profits, and more LIVING LIFE for yourself and your family.

Most small business owners (and by small, I’m talking about a company that’s under five to seven million in annual revenue) were skilled at what they did when they worked for someone else, but at some point they decided they were skilled enough to break away and start their own business. They wanted to be the person signing the front of the check instead of the back.

As a business owner, they put their head down and went to work building a business that would give them a solid income to support themselves and their family… even an employee or two. When things got even better, they brought on more support, hired someone to answer the phones, do billing, and handle follow-up, all so they could keep bringing in new clients and keeping things afloat.

Does this sound like you?
If so, congratulations, you’re a small business owner!

And as most small business owners know, we eventually become a “slave” to our own company. We have a full schedule and a bank account that runs on empty by the end of every month… until we become so burned out we realize we need some serious help to start doing things differently. Or, maybe you’re not that deep in the weeds, but you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t growing as fast as you’d like.

If you’re lucky, you may have even found a way to create sustainable, growing cash flow, yet the essential systems aren’t in place to avoid feeling like a “fireman” during your day… constantly dealing with problems popping up! This kind of mode is exhausting and keeps you working IN your business rather than ON it.


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It’s not your fault.

Unless you have a degree in business, you end up having to learn the hard way—the way so many other small business owners have had to learn. Yes, you can continue plodding along at the rate you’re going now, because more than likely you’ll “get there” eventually. Or, you can speed up the process of creating the LIFESTYLE business you desire by working with a coach who can give you all the tools, shortcuts, training, and processes necessary to make it happen fast.

5-Star by Design™ is a business accelerator that was created specifically for YOU—the business owner, entrepreneur, and leader who’s ready to grow their company into a LIFESTYLE business. One that begins growing at a sustainable pace with excellent cash flow, low to no debt, and doesn’t require you to be there every day unless you want to be.

Here’s how the 5-Star by Design – Business Accelerator and Coaching program works:

There are five essential areas of focus that we’ll design into a strategic plan specific to your business, which we cultivate, monitor, and consistently revise each quarter. This type of steady, strategic focus allows us to 5x Your Business in 5 Years with the Following 5-Star Strategies:

Strategic Engagement Leadership

Marketing and Sales

Operations and Systems

Hiring and HR

Financials and Healthy Cash Flow

That’s it.
Big deal, right?!

Yes, actually, it IS a big deal… to your bottom line and to the future of your company.

We know these areas aren’t necessarily all that “sexy” and exciting to work on, unless you have an MBA, eat numbers for breakfast, snack on policies and procedures, and enjoy a side of keeping up with the ever changing online marketing world!

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But here’s the thing—we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation. We’ve made all the mistakes and found all the shortcuts so you can just jump right in with a solid execution plan and built in accountability that creates guaranteed growth.

When you spend the proper time and energy building a business with these foundational strategies, you’ll begin growing UP and OUT steadily.

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Let’s talk about a concept
called “the slight edge.”

When you make a LITTLE bit of movement every day over a period of time… things start to change. Then you do a little more… and a little more… and each little change builds on the little changes before it. Before you know it, more and more changes start to take place that are a direct result of your previous efforts.

If you make just a 0.30% of 1% shift every day (that’s just 1/3rd of 1% each day!), in 365 days you’ll have created a 120% shift in your business.

Now, no one’s perfect. So let’s say you slack off or are too busy to get it done 60 days in a year… that’s still a 100% SHIFT in your business. And when you do this year in and year out? There’s your 5X shift and a direct path to a LIFE-STYLE business!


Here’s my guarantee to you when you join this program and participate FULL OUT for the entire year:

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I don’t expect you to be on top of it 100% of the time… nobody’s perfect. But if you do 87% of the work—which is a B+ average working ON your business—I guarantee you’ll get a minimum 200% increase in business and return on the money you’ll be investing. And most people will get a hell of a lot more than that!

There’s no limit to what you can do by following this program with the accountability of a seasoned coach to keep you on track. If you don’t get a 200% increase in business, we’ll keep coaching you for FREE – until you do.

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The only thing you have to lose by taking us up on this offer is your stressed out lifestyle, 60-80+ hour work weeks, constant employee turnover and headaches, and the frustration of not having build the kind of business you know you’re capable of creating. Instead, you’ll be building the business of your dreams that supports the LIFESTYLE you so deeply desire—more time, more money, more freedom to do all the things you love with your family.